Recycling Old Metal Roofing Material

Metal Roofing is Primarily Made of Recyclable Materials Environmentally friendly, metal roofing and siding panels are manufactured using an array of recyclable materials. This includes everything [...]

Absolute Steel Products Earn a Cool Roof Rating Council Approval

The Cool Roof Rating Council recently gave approval to Absolute Steel’s Fabral product line for several of our metal roof products. Our company is one of only a few metal roofing companies [...]

Metal Roofing Products Gain Energy Star Approval

Absolute Steel carries a full line of Fabral’s high quality metal roofing products. We are proud to announce that Fabral has received Energy Star Approval on many of their metal roofing [...]

Save with Energy Star Rated Metal Roofing

Why choose ENERGY STAR reflective roofing for your building? ENERGY STAR qualified metal roof products reflect more of the sun’s rays. This can lower roof surface considerably thereby decreasing [...]

Recycled Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing and Steel Siding Provide Homeowners and Designers “Green” Options Metal roofing and metal siding is available in many colors, but it’s the “green” makeup or recycled content of [...]

Green Metal Roofing and the Environment

Do the Right Thing! The bottom line is that everyone cares about the environment. Given the choice about whether to choose a product that’s good for the environment or not so good for the [...]

Energy Efficient Metal Roof

In these modern times we must all make an effort to reduce our energy consumption while making sure we are using environmentally responsible, sustainable resources. Using metal roofing is one of [...]