Classic Rib Government Metal Roofing System


  • Exposed fastened, low profile panel
  • 36″ panel coverage
  • Trapezoidal rib on 9″ centers
  • 3/4″ bell top trapezoidal rib height
  • Gauges: 29ga and 26ga standard, 24ga optional
  • Minimum roof slope: 3:12
  • Applies over open framing or solid substrate
  • Finishes: MS Colorfast45 and Acrylic Coated Galvalume

Classic Rib Metal Roofing


  • UL 2218, Class 4 Impact Resistance
  • UL 790, Class A Fire Resistance Rating
  • ASTM E-564-95 Diaphragm Test
  • Contact Metal Roofing Source for loading information

Product Information

Warranty: 45-year limited paint warranty