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If you are looking for a fast, free, "ballpark" metal roofing quote based on square footage you're in the right place. If you would like a complete, accurate, metal roofing quote then you can ask for a detailed metal roofing materials and cost analysis. NOTE: Our minimum order requirement to ship panels or shingles is 600 square feet.

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About Metal Roofing Prices : Online and Offline

Metal roofing prices estimates are easy to obtain here at Metal Roofing Source. Metal roofing pricing can be simple, but it can be complicated too. Prices on material are pretty straight forward. However, installation costs can vary wildly depending on all kinds of factors – like, where you are, what the local requirements are, what the job site is like, what time of year it is, and more.

But if you’re setting out to do a product pricing comparison between, say, asphalt shingles vs. metal roofing, we can tell you right now that buying traditional asphalt shingles will cost less – up front.

That’s misleading, though, because you’ll be replacing those shingles in as little as a decade or, at most, two decades down the road. The metal roof, however, is designed to be the last roof you ever install.

So, how long are you hoping to be in your home? Twenty years? 40 years? More? The real question is, how many asphalt roofs would you have to budget for in that time? How many of those years with asphalt shingles will be lived under a gradually deteriorating roof that brought worry with every storm? How much could you save on energy costs over those decades?

Metal roofing warranties tend to be transferable for 30 to 40 years from the installation date, or Limited Lifetime for you as the sole owner. Metal roofs under warranty are value-adding for resale.

Keep all that in mind while shopping metal roofing prices.

FAQs and Metal Roofing Pricing Basics

Metal Roofing Pricing: Shingles or Panels?

The product you start with obviously affects the pricing, but in more ways than you think.

The upside to metal paneling is that it can mean long panels that run the length of any part of your roof, like a single sheet up to 40 feet long. This has obvious benefits – like fewer pieces to install over the course of the job, potentially making installs cheaper. And many products can be installed over existing roofs, which reduces the cost of prep, demo, and disposal.

So, your choice doesn’t just affect the cost of the roofing materials, but also the cost of installation.

As far as colors go, the only way they can or should affect your decision is that not all products are available in all colors.

What Do Materials-Only Costs Include?

It depends where you’re buying from. When you order metal roofing from us, you have the option of including underlay, but the “roofing materials” include everything else you’ll need for the job, from panel screws to trim to ridge caps (assuming you opted for these).

Also included with us, though, is the extra mile. That’s the mile we go to for making the job easier on the site, whether you’re doing a DIY installation or bringing in the pros.

That means we provide the installation “master guide,” a detailed plan that shows which numbered/packaged pieces go where, and how. Think of it as a “paint by numbers” diagram, but specific to the cut-to-length paneling pieces for your roof. You’ll know the 14.5” piece goes right over your spare bedroom, for instance, and which pieces are on either side. We’ve also got all kinds of installation help videos for DIYers and extensive customer service throughout your purchase and build.

Why Does the Installed Price Vary So Much?

Metal roofing prices on material are pretty straight forward. However, the installation costs can vary due to a number of things.

Contractors bill you for everything that incurs costs during the installation. So, permits, inspections, machinery rentals, even the cost of their employees parking may be charged to you. So, a rural property may not have urban parking expenses and might be easier for machinery getting to the site, but travel times and gas could be billed into the job too.

It really does vary from job to job in a city, let alone state to state.

That said, the industry average for an installed metal roof on homes between 1,500 to 2,000 square feet tends to be in the $15,000 to $22,000 range, depending on products chosen and a few other details. The actual national average for the “typical” family home is $16,453.

Before We Get Started with Metal Roofing Prices Estimates:

The estimates below are general, based on an 1,800 square foot relatively basic roof.  If you want metal roofing prices based on your specific size, use our estimator tool at the top of this page.

With the average home being between 1,500 to 2,000 square feet, we’re splitting the difference and sharing the estimates for a few products based on an 1,800-square-foot roofing job.

All estimates below include product delivery, the “master guide,” warranties, and all materials needed for the job, including all necessary trim and the underlayment. It does not include installation, though. And none of these are to be taken as quotes – they are rough estimates. We’re happy to provide detailed quotes and product listings to customers who are narrowing down their choices for a metal roof. Learn more here.

If your home is smaller or larger than 1,800 square feet, use our pricing estimator (above) to see what the difference will be. Like those numbers? Talk to us to find out more.

Got a product and a price you like, but you’re just not sure? If you’re still on the fence, use our roofing visualizer tool. Upload a photo of your home to see what it’d look like with that roofing.

Metal Roof Panels: Sample Prices

Multipurpose Panels: These can be cut to length, anywhere from 3-foot panels through to 40-foot single-piece panels and have a 36-inch-wide coverage. It’s 29-gauge steel with galvanized protective coating and it comes in 13 popular colors. Fasteners are exposed.
Estimated price for 1,800 square feet: $3,733.74 including underlay & necessary trim.

Premium 5-Rib Panels: Available in 26- and 29-gauge, these panels can be painted with Enduracote or as natural steel (protected with Galvalume clear coating). With exposed fasteners and 18 popular colors, this custom-cut panel comes in lengths up to 40 feet, making installation a breeze on some properties.

  • Estimated price for 1,800 square feet for 29-gauge: $3,413.16 for Galvalume finish, and $4,029.66 for painted.
  • Estimated price for 1,800 square feet for 26-gauge: $4,103.64 for Galvalume finish, and $4,646.16 for painted.

16” Standing Seam Panel: Available in “minor rib” or “striated” style, this attractive premium product has a concealed fastener system, so the roof looks seamless and beautiful. This product snaps together and has pre-punched fastener slots for quicker installation, meaning the back end of the job can cost considerably less than some other products. That said, this Energy Star-rated roof comes in 7 gorgeous colors with a lifetime film warranty. Pricing is the same in either style.
Estimated price for 1,800 square feet: $7,112.16.

R-Panel PBR Metal Panels: This product is ideal for commercial and industrial applications, thanks to high-strength 26-gauge steel. You’ll get 36 inches of coverage with panels that are custom cut up to 40 feet in length. This hard-working panel has exposed fasteners and lifetime film integrity warranty. It’s available in 8 colors.
Estimated price for 1,800 square feet: For painted panels, $4,646.16. For Galvalume clear-coated panels, $4,103.64.

1 ½” SSR Standing Seam Panels: This classic-looking narrow batten-seamed roofing is heavy-duty, made with 24-gauge steal. A concealed fastening system keeps the clean, crisp look. Available in 9 colors, the only downside to this product is it’s only available in the Northeastern USA. Contact us to see if your area is eligible.
Estimated price for 1,800 square feet: $10,909.80.

5V Crimp Panels: This panel comes with 24-inch coverage and 29-gauge steel. It’s a great product for residential and light commercial applications. The fastener panel is exposed. Painted panels are not offered in this product, it is a “plain steel” look with a galvanized finish. The warranty is 30-year, limited.
Estimated price for 1,800 square feet: $3,363.84.

2 ½” Corrugated Panels: This is the classic metal roof popular in the agricultural industry for decades. With high-strength 29-gauge steel, you’ll get 24-inch-wide coverage with panels in fixed 8-, 10-, and 12-foot lengths. This product is only available in plain galvanized steel.
Estimated price for 1,800 square feet: $3,413.16.

Metal Shingles : Sample Prices

Shingles tend to cost more for the overall job on both the installation and materials side of the equation. This is because they’re delivered in standard panel sizes, which vary between 23 and 25 panels needed for every 100 square feet of roof. They’re often able to be installed over existing roofs, like most metal roofs, because the product is so lightweight. This means you could save money on your job by not removing your existing roof at all – also a plus for the environment, as you can avoid the landfill.

The 3M ceramic-coated stone finish makes a difference in overall weight for three of these products.

The Centura, for instance, has no stone coating and weighs roughly 76 pounds per hundred square feet, installed. Weighing in a few pounds more, the Kasselwood is roughly 86 pounds per “square.” On the flipside, stone-coated “shingles” and “shake” weigh in around 150 pounds per square. The stone-coated tile is a hefty 160 pounds per square – but still far below the crushing 950 to 1200 pounds per square for real tiles.

Centura or KasselWood Steel Shingles: Both these products are designed to look like traditional asphalt, slate, and wood shingle. Each makes for a sleek-looking roof with concealed fastening. A limited lifetime warranty backs both these stylish, energy-efficient shingles. Have your pick between 13 to 15 attractive colors coated in tough Kynar 500 PVDF coating, depending which style shingle you prefer.
For 1,800 square feet, each style is estimated at: $8,098.56.

Shingle XD Stone-Coated Steel: For those looking for a product that looks exactly like a traditional shingle from the curb, this is a winner. It’s the stone-coating finish that gives it the “real” shingle look. A lifetime limited warranty backs it and it’s available in five authentic shingle styles that’ll pass the toughest scrutiny.
Estimate for 1,800 square feet: $10,071.36.

Villa Tile Stone-Coated Steel: For those replicating the look of a Spanish villa, this the right product. It’s got all the same features as the Shake and Shingle products, including the 3M ceramic-coated stone finish that makes it look so realistic. A transferable limited lifetime warranty covers this popular product as well. Available in five classic stone tile looks.
Estimate for 1,800 square feet: $10,071.36.

Shake XD Stone-Coated Steel: Designed to look just like real shakes from the street, this 3M stone-coated steel panel is easy to install without any special tools, thanks to their trademarked Cut & Tuck™ technology. It’s made to last and comes with a transferable limited lifetime warranty.
Estimate for 1,800 square feet: $10,342.62.


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