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Metal Panel Examples

Steel Roof
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Metal Shingle Examples

Met-Tile on a White Structure
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DIY Gallery

Take a look at what some of our customers have done! This gallery will be expanding soon so we can show you how regular folks have had great success roofing their own buildings with our materials. Imagine – not paying roofers, not dealing with laborers, and saving a lot of cash!

Bob N.

Heber, Arizona installed Grand Rib 3. See how he did it with our metal roofing installation instructions.

Ira H.

Mayer, AZ installed (Multi-Purpose Panel)  See how he did it with our metal roofing installation instructions.

Lonnie C.

Dear Galen,

You were right about me being able to do my own roof. It was actually pretty easy. Thanks for the great service!

By the way, did you know I got a quote from a contractor for nearly $15000 and by working with Absolute Steel I got everything done for right at $7800–that’s incredible! I have the nicest roof in the whole neighborhood as you can see in the picture!

Thanks! Here’s a couple of pictures of my handiwork.

Lonnie Casson
Phoenix, Arizona

Under Construction


The Finished Product



Before & After Gallery

A Few ‘before and after’ showcases. Click on an image for a larger view.