Met-Tile : A Metal Tile Solution

The Met-Tile roofing panel provides the appearance of ceramic tile roofing but carries none of the traditional disadvantages of ceramic tile (in particular, the weight).  Met-Tile is one of our most popular shingle / tile type of roofing options because:

  • It looks just like ceramic tile from the road. Most people are surprised to learn that it is metal.
  • It enjoys the lightweight and environmental performance of metal.
  • The panels are larger than other metal shingle/tile products, which dramatically decreases installation time.
  • 40 year warranty on the panel integrity, and 30 year warranty on the color against fading or chalking.
Metal tile roof

Met-Tile Details:

  • 26 gauge panels
  • Panel lengths: 2′ – 20′ (in 1′ increments)
  • Steps are 1′ on center
  • Panel width: 38 5/16″
  • Panel coverage: 36 3/16″
  • Fire Rating: Class A 
  • Florida Approval: #17905.1
  • Stucco-like embossed surface

Installation Requirements:

  • Minimum slope: 1 1/2:12 required with sealant
  • Minimum slope: 3:12 required without sealant
  • Must be installed over solid deck

Available Colors:

All colors are a coating of low gloss, Kynar 500® (PVDF). Screws are available to match your color.

Because of this “tile” working as a panelized roofing system, installation requires a fraction of the time required by the installation of real ceramic tiles.

Picture Gallery:

Enjoy a range of panel options when you choose Met-Tile for your project. Panels are available in lengths from 2′ to 20′. 

Your roof should look is highly visible and should look great, and Met-Tile helps you achieve your vision by offering a range of customization options that allow you to truly add curb-appeal to your home.

Fire Resistance (UL263) Ratings

Tests for Fire Resistance Ratings of Roof Covering Materials UL 263 (ASTM E119 and NFPA 251)
Met-Tile, secured by steel anchor clips, has been approved for use in the following Underwriters Laboratories design numbers: P225, P227, P230, P237, P250, P259, P265, P266, P268, P508, P510, P512, P514, P516, P518, P701, P711, P712, P713, P717, P719, P720, P722, P723, P726, P731, P732, P734, P739, P740, P801, P815, P819, P824, P825, and P828.

Fire Resistance (UL790) Ratings

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Florida State Approval

Met-Tile has been approved by the Florida Building Commission for being in compliance with the 2014 Florida State Building Code.

UL 2218 Impact Rating Class 4

Texas Department of Insurance Approval

Met-Tile has been evaluated by the Texas Department of Insurance for being in compliance with the International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Building Code (IBC)