Detailed Material & Cost Analysis

Customer service at Absolute Steel Metal Roofing Source begins with the quote.

Roofing is Hard, But Our Roofing Analysis Makes It Easier!

We’re proud of our Roofing Analysis. We’re so confident it’ll make your life easier and help you understand what sets us apart from the competition – our service and how far we’ll go to help our clients – that ** we’re now offering it free **, with no obligations.

Our Roofing Analysis gives you a detailed quote including everything you’ll need to get the job done right. No forgetting to order things, no surprises that cause delays. We’ll make sure you’re ready to go with everything you need. Then, to help you have better understanding of the job at hand, we include both a 3-dimensional diagram of your roof, plus a numbered diagram of the roof showing where every item goes.

Read on to find out why even roofing professionals love the planning and organizing edge we provide with our Roofing Analysis.

1. Everything Starts with Our Detailed Quote

If you’re not quite ready with exact numbers, you can always try our easy online job calculator. But when you’re ready to go, our Roofing Analysis comes with a detailed quote that’ll show you everything you need to get the job done. You’ll give us all the specific measurements and information for your roof, and we’ll tell you everything you’ll need – from butyl tape and stitch screws to panels and standing seams. If it’s needed for doing your job, we’ll make sure it’s in the quote. (But the ladder is your responsibility, of course!)

The paperwork will show you every item, every measurement, and every unit cost. There’ll be a line total for each item and a grand total for the whole thing.

From there, we pack it in a way that makes your job easier to get done. That’s all part of our “master guide” experience.

If you receive the detailed quote and you’re not sure you need something listed, give us a call, and we’ll explain why you need it and what it does.

Complete Roofing Materials QuoteThe Roofing Quote
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2. Our Master Guide is Key to Panel Layout – And Your Sanity!

There’s nothing more intimidating than standing in front a bunch of panel bundles and boxes of screws, and not having a clue where to start when your roof’s waiting to get done. Absolute Steel won’t leave you hanging. Our master guide is part two in our analysis, and it shows you clearly what the layout is for your roof. Each panel is marked to show you what length it should be and where it goes on the corresponding panel layout master guide. When you carry those panels up, you’ll have the right pieces every time, allowing you to keep your panel bundles sealed and protected right up till installation, to ensure your roof actually looks new when it’s installed.

But if anything’s unclear to you with the master guide or numberings, we’re always there for you. Give us a call and we’ll help you sort it out.

Along with the panel layout, there’s our master diagram depicting your roof. It’s good to have a visual aid to help you picture the task ahead, so this combined with our panel layout diagram will let you do just that.

Panel Layout Plans
Your Master Guide: The Panel Layout Plans
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Wow! This is Free?

You bet it is. So is our online roofing calculator, which is a good place to get a rough idea of what the job will take when you’re just in the budgeting phase.  For that, you don’t even need to contact us, and you’re certainly not obligated to buy from us.

When the time comes around to get serious about your roofing job, we’ll need more information for the Roofing Analysis. It’s still free, of course, and still without obligation.

So, to get started, here’s what we need to know in order to help you get a handle on your roofing job.

  1. What are the slopes/pitches to the roof?
  2. Send us a drawing with accurate measurements, or if you have an architect/engineer’s drawing of the roof (roof plan), that works too!

Once we have what we need to proceed with the Roofing Analysis, we will dig in and get started. If we find we’re unclear on anything you’ve sent us, we’ll be sure to get in touch, so we’re on the right page before the analysis gets underway.

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