The Cool Roof Rating Council recently gave approval to Absolute Steel’s Fabral product line for several of our metal roof products. Our company is one of only a few metal roofing companies that has received this approval. Specifically, these are roofs painted using Valspar colors and are applicable for low slope designs.

This designation allows Absolute Steel to service the California area with a variety of low slope roofs in five different bright, white colors that meet or even exceed the high Total Solar reflectivity values as set by the state of California. This includes reflective white, solar white, regal white and bone white colors.

Per California‚Äôs Title 24 energy code, buildings with a 2:12 slope or less are required to have a roof with reflectivity of 0.70 or greater. After testing, it is clear that Absolute Steel’s Fabral metal roofs meet this standard along with the additional requirement of a beginning emissivity of 0.75 or greater. Consequently, we have been listed as a licensed seller with the CRRC with the id dumber of 0846. More information is available at