Detailed Material & Cost Analysis

Knowledge is Power! Customer service at Absolute Steel Metal Roofing Source begins with the quote.

1) Panel Layout

Nothing is worse than looking at a bundle of panels and wondering which goes where.  Not with Absolute Steel! Each bundle is clearly marked showing what’s in it and with the Panel Layout you’ll know exactly where each panel goes.   Don’t guess – KNOW. Especially when you’re on the job and time is money. Besides, using Absolute Steel and the Panel Layout will save you from dragging panels around and scratching them up…we hate touch up paint as much as you do!

Panel Layout Plans
The Panel Layout Plans
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2) Roof Quote

Every item you’ll need is listed out along with the quantities and prices…right down to the trim pieces and screws.

Complete Roofing Materials Quote
The Roofing Quote
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Complete Roofing Analysis

Recommended for more complex roofs, the charge for the Roofing Analysis is $200 but fully refundable upon your purchase with Absolute Steel. Do-It-Yourselfers, architects, general contractors and yes, even roofing contractors use our Roofing Analysis to get accurate details on what it’s going to take to complete a job.

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