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Standing seam, multi purpose, PBR, Met-Tile, and more.

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Concealed fasteners, HOA-friendly, long-lasting beauty.

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Metal siding is resistant to weather, fire, and pests.

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Our synthetic underlayment is 20X STRONGER than felt.

Customer Service is The Difference

Sick of poor or no customer service at the big box stores?  Us too.  Have you ever shopped metal roofing materials at the national chains and been forced to speak with a salesperson who doesn’t know the products?  Tired of asking a simple question about roofing that nobody in the store can answer? Us too.

Metal Roofing Source is designed to be your DIY metal roofing supplier. We know our stuff.  We do our best to help our customers find the right roofing and get the right materials shipped to the job site, on time, all at a fair price.

America’s Metal Roofing Supplier for Over 20 Years

You have our word, we’ll provide prices immediately, and we won’t hassle you with follow-up sales calls. What’s more, we also promise:

  • From the moment you call till long after you put down your tools, our customer service team will give you all the support you need.
  • Your roofing system purchase will come with the best easy-to-understand panel layout guide designed to help all levels of do-it-yourself installation.
  • Our coast-to-coast job site delivery means you’ll get your materials just days after your order right where you need them. Ask for shipping details when you get your quote. NOTE: We require a 1,000 square foot minimum order to ship.
We back your purchase with an industry-leading 25 to 50 year warranty.

Intelligent & Fair Metal Roofing Pricing

Don’t know where to start or what to budget? Not ready to call us yet? Check out our free online pricing tool to get a rough idea of what your project will take, with no obligation.

When you’re ready to go, we’ll take you the rest of the way with a detailed quote based specifically on your roof. We’ll factor in all the angles and features that make your roof distinct.

With our detailed quote, you’ll get our essential Roofing Analysis, a comprehensive report uniquely from Metal Roofing Source. Completed with our proprietary software, you can expect to…

  • Save time. The report allows us to clearly mark every bundle and box specific to your job, so you know what’s inside.
  • Have a road map. With our clearly-marked bundles all mapped out for installation, you’ll understand, step by step, what goes where… and how!
  • Get the right price. The report essentially includes a master inventory. Everything you need – from trim and screws through to panels and underlayment – gets listed along with the quantity required. Plus, they’ll have accurate prices, so you know exactly what every part of the job costs.
Metal Roof Panels on Cabin

Once you have this, you have full control over your materials and labor costs.  You can avoid the contractor markup on material, and still know that you have EVERYTHING you need to complete your roofing project!  YOU DECIDE if you want to go DIY, or hire a local crew to do the install for you.  Learn more about our Detailed Metal Roofing Cost Analysis here.