One of our most popular products is the DECRA Stone-Coated XD Metal Shingles. For those who haven’t heard about this product, it’s a real winner because of how it has the classic look of shingles but with the long-lasting durability of steel.

We describe the Decra Stone Coated Shingle XD on our site as: “Manufactured using strong, lightweight, aluminum-zinc alloy coated 26-gauge steel, covered with 3M ceramic-coated stone granules and sealed with an exclusive polymer coating.

Basically, it’s stone-coated steel. It’s hassle-free, looks great, and it’s tough.

Shingle XD

How Tough are Decra Stone-Coated XD Shingles?

These shingles come with a 50-year limited, transferable warranty. They are warrantied to withstand 120 mph winds. Several roofing products, like wood shakes and clay tiles, aren’t even warrantied for wind damage, and only DECRA is rated for 120 mile-per-hour winds.

And what about hail? DECRA’s Shingle XDs are rated as “class 4” in hail-impact resistance. That rating may not mean much to you, but here’s how a class 4 rating breaks down. It undergoes what’s called the UL 2218 impact test. The “UL” stands for Underwriters Laboratories, an unbiased, non-profit group that has been testing products and their claims since 1894.

The “2218 impact test” that Underwriters Laboratories conducts to test roofing materials for hail impact is done with solid metal balls from 1.25 inches through to 2 inches in diameter. The balls are dropped from a height of 12 feet for the 1.25-inch-diameter ball, but a whopping 20 feet for the 2-inch-diameter ball. Each spot is tested with two drops in the same spot.

To get a class 4 rating, the roof had to withstand the 20-foot drop with the 2-inch steel ball twice and show no cracking or tearing. With a class-4-rated roof, sometimes it’s possible to get an insurance discount for installing this product, especially since that’s on top of the 120-mph wind warranty. Talk to your agent to learn more.

Other Attributes of DECRA Stone Coated XD Shingles

This is a lightweight product, weighing up to 75% lighter than other roofing products, at 1.25 to 1.5 lbs per square-foot. The average DECRA Shingle XD-finished roof weighs between 3,700 to 4,500 pounds. This means it’s possible to install over existing shingles. Many building codes only allow it installed over one layer of shingles, though, and some allow two, so you’ll need to check with your local building regulations before hatching a plan to cover your current roof.

Unlike a traditional asphalt shingle, Decra Stone Shingles are a Class A-rated non-combustible material that absolutely won’t rot, curl, break, crack, split or burn. It’s freeze- and thaw-resistant, too, and is low-maintenance, and even safe to walk on.

The easy-to-install interlocking panels create a water-tight barrier, with 15 panels per 100-square-foot section. Each panel is 21″ x 52″ but the exposed portion is 19.75″ x 49″.

Decra Shingle XD on Brick House

A Winning Aesthetic

With a hidden fastening system, DECRA has a flawless, beautiful finish to complement all kinds of décor styles. There are five different colors available with in DECRA Shingle XDs, which all mimic the look of traditional asphalt’s color range. Fawn Grey and Vintage Slate both have tones of grey and Midnight Eclipse is black. For those wanting warmer colors, Woodland Green and Canyon Brown give that rustic, homey feel you might be looking for.

What’ll That Cost?

Check out our Decra Stone Coated XD product page and use our estimator tool, if you’d like to get a rough estimate.   We offer the “quick” quote just so you can get an idea of costs with just a few basic pieces of information.  It’s quick.  If you would like a detailed quote and materials list, we can do that too.  Just ask us.

When you’re crunching those numbers, though, remember that 50-year limited warranty and the fact that the average asphalt roof will need to be replaced 2.5 times to have that 50 years of coverage.

And then there’s the energy efficiency. Imagine 50 years of using less heat, needing less air conditioning, because your DECRA roof is designed to retain warmth in the winter and repel heat in the summer. Plus, tack on the possible reduction in insurance premiums for using a Class 4 hail-impact resistant and class-A-rated non-combustible product. And don’t forget the dollar value of sleeping better at night, working better the next day, all because you trust your durable DECRA roof to still be there when that hard-blowing storm rolls away by morning. Now ask yourself, what’s all that worth to you?

As always, if you have questions about our line of DECRA Shingle XD offerings, don’t hesitate to give us a call and talk to one of our staff. They’ll be happy to tell you about our most popular product. If the shingle look doesn’t do it for you, though, ask about our other DECRA stone-coated offerings, which includes products that look like wood shake and clay tile.

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