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So, you’ve done your homework and decided to go with a metal roof. Smart choice. But why should you choose Absolute Steel? Because from coast to coast, homeowners, farmers, ranchers and business owners of all kinds swear by us. Here are a few of the things they tell us they appreciate most:

  • Our wide selection of styles and colors lets you pick the look that suits you and your building best. (Just as a matter of interest, the two styles our Washington customers choose most often are 16-Inch Standing Seam and Premium 5-Rib; s our Shake XD stone-coated shingle style has gotten pretty popular too.
  • We work with you to discover what product fits your needs – and that includes you budget needs – most effectively. Our focus is you, your building, your requirements and desires, for right now and for the years to come – not some sales quota or gimmick. Just one part of that focus is our detailed cost analysis, to guide you to make the smartest choices.
  • A surprising number of our customers are do-it-yourselfers who decided to tackle their roofing projects themselves. As far as they’re concerned, this is where we really shine. We give DIY’ers clear, sensible, easy-to-follow illustrated instructions – written in plain English by people who know the products and procedures.
  • Then there’s the back-up of our experienced, helpful staff. They know their business, it’s not hard to reach them, and it matters to them that you have a satisfying, successful experience.
  • Nothing against the big-box home improvement stores, but our people are far better equipped to back you up and answer your questions than the typical store clerk or even help-desk person. 
  • Delivery is another area where our customer feedback is consistently favorable. We’re going to see to it your new roof materials make it to your job site as fast as can be, at a reasonable rate. You can have a look at our shipping policies here. And by the way – if you’re ordering metal panel roofing for a project within Washington State, and your order tops $1,600, we’ll be shipping it to you at no cost.

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Metal Advantages

You’re probably already familiar with the advantages a metal roof provides. If not – or perhaps just to fill you in on a few you haven’t heard – here’s a short list:

  • In the hotter months, a metal roof helps maintain cooler attic temperatures – if you’re air conditioned, that can make a real difference in your summer power bills. When the weather goes cold, a metal roof helps keep warmth in.
  • Metal roofing weighs less than other types, like tile and shingles. That means less weight for your roof structure to bear. Why is that important? If you’re re-roofing with metal, you can often lay the new roof right over the old – saving labor, time and money, and adding a layer of insulation in the process.
  • Metal is kind to the environment, and energy-efficient as well. Metal panels have a high recycled material content (better than 50%), and are themselves fully recyclable. The government also offers an EnergyStar tax credit when you install many popular types.
  • In fire season, a metal roof offers you the best possible protection from sparks and embers. Effective enough that most insurance companies offer lower rates on buildings roofed with metal.
  • In areas where extreme humidity is common and prolonged – in other words, much of the PNW! – roof moss can be a concern. Since metal doesn’t hold onto moisture like other roofing materials, most metal roofing styles make it tougher for moss to get a foothold – and modern metal roofing’s protective coatings help fend off the moss, too.

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