When it comes to extreme weather, North America’s got it all. From “Hurricane Alley” to the Rocky Mountains and the West’s wind-fueled wildfires, America’s homes need to take what Mother Nature hurls at it, and that’s why more homeowners than ever are choosing metal roofs.

No roofing product is rated better at withstanding nature’s brute force, whether that’s from dead weight posed by lake-effect snowstorms in Buffalo or the fierce wind and drifting embers in California’s fire season, or the Gulf’s 120-mile-an-hour hurricane winds.

It’s Engineered to Last

Metal roofs may have been conceived for industrial and agricultural buildings, but today they’re recognized for defying the odds against catastrophes like Hurricane Andrew and the Carr Fire. FEMA has singled out metal roofs as the difference for how those homes survived versus those destroyed around them.

Our roofing products come with impressive warranties. Some have a lifetime warranty, and up to 50 years warranty against chalking, peeling, or fading.

Fight Fire with American Steel

There’s so much more going on with a wildfire than what you might think. Wildfires today can burn so hot and so strong they create their own weather – you’ve heard the term “firestorm,” right? This Wired article explains the science of extreme wildfires and how they can create wind four or five times stronger than the ambient wind, causing fierce shear and even “fire tornadoes.”

For a home to withstand a fire like that, it takes a lot of planning – from removing combustibles away from the home through to vegetation choices, but it’s also about using the right building materials.

For fire-resistant roofing, you need a roof that does two things – doesn’t combust and doesn’t blow off in high winds.

So, you need a metal roof.

There are specific installation methods needed – including best-practice property designs – for a home to withstand wildfire, but our products will help you get there.

Don’t take our word for it, take FEMA’s.

Batten Down in Hurricanes

When it comes to hurricanes, FEMA thinks metal roofs outperform other materials too, but they do stress strongly that surviving the windshear means installing to code and paying particular attention to ridge vents.

What’s great about metal roofs for hurricane-prone regions is how easily they can be maintained. It’s a myth that metal roofs can’t be stood on – not only can you walk on them, you should! It’s so easy to do annual maintenance ahead of storm season to tighten any bolts, as recommended, and make sure your panels are secure, even years after installation.

Should any panels lift in extreme storms, it’s easy to replace and repair them when the storm passes. But here’s the thing – it’s a lot harder for wind to remove metal panels than it is to rip off shakes or shingles, and tiles are dangerous projectiles just waiting to fly off.

Why there’s such a big difference from tiles, shingle, and shake is down to the nature of steel panels —  they can be cut to size.

This means the panel often covers the full length of the roof, creating few points of vulnerability compared to other roofing materials. If wind can’t get under metal paneling, then it can’t lift it, right?

Stay Strong with Steel

The list goes on with steel. We’re talking about the best hail-impact resistance, class-A non-combustible materials, non-porous surface, freeze/thaw-resistance, and so much more.

You won’t have to worry about steel rotting or curling, splitting, or breaking. It won’t rust, either, thanks to galvanized coatings and baked-on enamel paints. Even the stone-finished panels have 3M ceramic coating and a polymer sealant.

If you’re over 30 years old, there’s a strong chance our metal roof will be the last roof you ever install.

Toughness is only part of why you’ll love our metal roofing panels. There’s the EnergyStar rating – you’ll save year after year on heating and cooling costs. You may even save on insurance.

Colorfastness, easy maintenance, no worries about things like moss, easy installation, lightness of the roofing material – honestly, what’s not to love?

While it might cost a little more for the panels, installation is often cheaper, thanks to the large panel size and easy assembly.

As we like to say, whoever coined the phrase “you get what you pay for” probably had a metal roof.

Service You Can Count On

Like any product, there’s only so much a factory can do – they can make it with integrity, using the best materials and engineering, but it comes down to how the consumer uses and installs it. That’s why we’ll never leave you feeling like you’re on your own after we’ve delivered the product to your home.

We think about you when we package the roofing panels and parts. It’s packaged in a logical way to help you get the job done more smoothly. Once you’re installing the roof, our snap-together panels and pre-punched fastener slots make the job easier and faster than you anticipate.

To help you, our website has videos in English and Spanish optimized for mobile devices you can watch onsite. Plus, our customer service is a call away to help walk you through installs, too. After all, getting the installation right is just as important for your safety as all the engineering our fabricators do on their side.

Ready to talk metal roofs? Our customer service team are there for your questions can provide no-obligation quotes. Check out our online visualizer and upload a photo of your home for a glimpse of how sleek it’ll look in any of our popular roofing styles.

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