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With metal roofing panels you get the best look, and the best economy too – so when it was time to re-roof this home, the choice was simple. Coated steel roofing panels are clearly the smartest value around for solid, long-lasting, worry-free protection, easy installation and a terrific look.

Roofing Panels

This particular home is of traditional brick construction. The owner was ready to replace the existing roof, and opted to replace with a sturdy metal panel roof.  The metal roof works well with the brick architecture. Great color and sharp style.

Perhaps the best thing for this homeowner is that they will not have to worry about their roof for many years.  They will probably replace that SUV out four or five times before they even have to begin thinking about a new roof.

Ordering your metal roofing panels from Absolute Steel is easy.  Just ask us for pricing and shipping information based on your needs. Once we give you the quote, shop around. Once you are satisfied with our prices (we are confident that you will be), you make the order. Shortly thereafter, the panels are delivered right to your home!