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Arizona considering legislation to require fire-resistant building wildfire areas

Guadalupe, AZ — August 30 2013: With the prevalence of wildfires causing significant property damage this year, lawmakers in Arizona are reconsidering legislation to compel home owners in areas at risk of wild fire to employ incombustible materials, like metal roofing, to cut down on the spread of fires and reduce damage to property.

LA Times reporter Lew Sichelman quotes, “One-third of all houses are located in what fire safety officials call wild-land urban districts, which are near or among areas prone to wildfires…with more and more people choosing to live in rural areas closer to nature, the chances are greater than ever that someone you know — maybe even you — will lose a house to a fire.

Fire Resistant Metal RoofingThe main cause of home loss to fire areas close to or located in wildland areas is untreated wood shakes, according to fire officials, as they easily catch ignite from wind-blown sparks. By ensuring new homes are built using incombustible materials (such as metal roofing) the risk of property loss and the spread of wildfires are significantly decreased.

Dean Thomas, founder and CEO of Absolute Steel and www.metalroofingsource.com has noticed a definite increase in metal roofing inquiries during this year’s wildfire season, “”More and more home owners are looking for a safe, affordable way to increase their home’s wildfire resistance, and fire resistant metal roofing offers the perfect solution. Whether for a new home or upgrade a metal roof can easily enhance the look of a home while offering significant fire protection.

We recently obtained an untouched overhead image of the 1973 Laguna, California fire in a residential area. Every single home in the area was destroyed, except the one with a metal roof. It’s incredible when you consider that your choice of roofing material could save your home.” Dean concludes, “It’s too bad every home owner doesn’t install a fire resistant metal roof – many wildfires would stop spreading and thousands of homes could be saved.

With significant property damage and a major expenditure in each state to fight wildfires, states like Arizona are revisiting plans to encourage home builders and home renovators to make their homes more fire-resistant by building with incombustible materials, including metal roofing.