Arizona, United States February 19th 2009:

Inhabitants of the Navajo Reservation in northern Arizona are rejoicing as they enjoy the new metal roof on their church. Materials donated by steel roofing and building manufacturers, Absolute Steel, assisted greatly in the church’s repair.

The Navajo Mission aims to meet the health, social, educational and spiritual need of the native people at Rock Point, Arizona. The mission has been able to take a step forward thanks to Absolute Steel. The good news is the direct result of a generous donation from steel roofing and metal building company, Absolute Steel, who is a contract supplier to the US Government and Do-It-Yourself consumers throughout North America.

The company shipped their donation to the church. The metal roof was simple enough to be installed by the Navajo people themselves, without any expertise or specialized tools.

“Your contribution to the new roof at Navajo Mission at Rock Point, Arizona has been received with very wide and open hearts” Says Pete Strebe, a Navajo Mission volunteer, to the Absolute Steel staff. “The generosity of you and your company will serve generations of Native Americans that center their lives on the life-giving mission.”

The easy to assemble metal roofing was dropped right to the jobsite, as all of Absolute Steel’s orders are, and is now fully assembled and on top of the Navajo Mission community church is a brilliant sky blue which one community elder said was a ‘reflection of the love that falls from the Father in the sky’.

Absolute Steel is one of the United States’ largest distributors of metal roofing materials. Absolute Steel sells a wide variety of metal roofing materials including synthetic roofing underlayment, metal shingle and vertical panels. This altruistic donation follows Absolute Steel’s recent marketing campaign to highlight the environmentally friendly features of their steel roofing and buildings.

Kevin McNulty
General Manager