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Time for a new roof? No matter where you are in Florida, you’ve reached the right place for roofing. We’ve got the best roofing solutions for your home or business.

Whether you’re roofing your home, business, or boathouse, a metal roof is your top-ranked choice.

No snow to worry about, but rain and wind – big, big wind – are another story.

There are plenty of roofing options around, but here’s why most folks figure a metal roof to be their best choice.

  • In the steamy summer months, a metal roof cools down quicker at night. That lets the whole house cool off faster. Aside from the comfort advantage, it’s also less work for your air conditioner, less to pay the power company.
  • A metal roof is lighter than shingles, shakes, concrete or tile. So it’s easier for the roof structure to carry. And, if you’re replacing an older roof, metal’s light weight often means you won’t have to rip off the old one before putting up the new.
  • Florida State Approval – We have styles approved by the Florida Building Commission for being in compliance with the 2014 Florida State Building Code.
  • Metal’s made to last. Most metal roofs come with warranties up to 30 or even 50 years.

Why Deal with Absolute Steel Metal Roofing Source? There are some great reasons to do business with us.

First, we’re here to serve you – to give you a hand finding the best roof for your needs and budget, then delivered to your job site and up into place.

Second, we know our products. Our people have years of experience, and they’re always ready to answer your questions or lend a hand if you need one. That goes for the whole process, from choosing the right material to shipping, installation and maintenance.   

We ship fast, at the best rates available and directly to your job site – usually within days of your order. And speaking of great shipping rates, how’s this: if your metal panel order comes to $1,600 or more, your shipping cost is $0. Yes, FREE. (Please note, though – a few restrictions apply on shipping to some areas. See our jobsite shipping policy for details.)

Finally, we don’t forget about you once we drop off your materials at your jobsite. Installation is the biggest part of the job, and we’re here to make it as smooth and simple as possible. We supply detailed install instructions, illustrated and easy to follow. If you’re doing the work yourself, our staff are as close as your phone, and they’re ready with answers and advice. That’s why we’re known as the DIY roofing source.

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Multi-Purpose Roofing Panel

Multi-Purpose Panel

From roofing to siding, the Multi-Purpose panel does it all.

16" Standing Seam Roofing Panels


Concealed fastener panel provides long-lasting beauty.

Steel roofing shingles


Stylish and strong, metal shingles look great and add value.

Metal roofing synthetic underlayment


Our synthetic underlayment is 20X STRONGER than felt.

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