Roofing Estimate and Roof Cost

Roofing estimates require a little information from you. But we are here to help. There’s a few measurements that are required to get an instant roofing estimate, but it’s nothing too complicated. Let’s get started!

Your roofing estimate will need two things from you:

1. The total square feet of your roof, including overhangs. Remember, overhangs are the amount your roof extends past the exterior walls of your home. We’re also talking about the total amount “under roof” not just the livable square footage of your home. This would include patios, garages, etc.

2. The pitch or slope of your roof.

And where do I get this, you ask?

It’s easy. There are two ways to get this information:

House Plans:

Your original house plans most likely have all the information you’ll need. The roof plan will be the only sheet you’ll need to take a look at. Note: Sometimes it’s a good idea to obtain the answers by the Do-It-Yourself method (below) as occasionally contractors make “field modifications” to the architect’s plans.


To figure out the total square footage of the building, see the section Measuring a Roof.

To figure out what the Pitch (or slope) of your roof is, see the section Determining the Roof Pitch.

If you already have this information, then you’re ready to get your materials quote.

Get an estimate now.


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And after you get your material costs, take a look at our roofing analysis!

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