Hawaii Metal Roofing

Hawaii Metal Roof Materials

Weather in Hawaii is quite consistent. With only two seasons – winter and summer, it has very few climate changes throughout the year. Although dry in the summer, winters are often wet and windy.

To protect your home or office investment, you’ll want to ensure a solid, durable roof that can withstand Hawaii’s common tropical storms. Our metal roofs are ideal for this area because of their:

  • Class A Fire Rating.
  • Ability to handle winds of up to 120mph.
  • Assortment of colors and styles to meet your design aesthetics.
  • Various application options to meet your architectural needs.

Our company services both the larger and smaller islands in Hawaii and will ship directly to the job site no matter the locale. Prices are valid for any area within Hawaii though some shipping restrictions may apply. Click here for details on shipping to your job site.

Looking for metal roofing in Hawaii?

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  • We serve Honolulu, Oahu, Lahaina, Maui and every Hawaiian town and community in between!
  • We stand behind 30 to 50 year manufacturer’s warranty on most products.
  • Fifty percent lighter than asphalt shingles.
  • Can withstand winds up to 120 mph.
  • Environmentally friendly – approximately 56% of the steel content is from recycled metal.
  • Reduces cooling costs.
  • Many styles and colors to choose from.