Order Your Roofing Analysis

Order Your Roofing Analysis Today!!

Before you order your Roofing Analysis, so you can receive accurate metal roofing cos,t you will need two key pieces of information about your structure including the square footage of the building and the slope / pitch of the roof. If you do not have these, or are not sure, please go here.

Your Roofing Analysis will be provided to you in the form of an Adobe pdf attached to an email unless otherwise specified.

Your Roofing Analysis will be processed within 48 hours after our receipt of all requested items and payment in full. Thereafter, it will be sent out as you have instructed us on this Order Form. Please do not hesitate to call us at 877-833-3237 or e-mail us at RoofingAnalysis@metalroofingsource.com with any questions you may have concerning ordering your Roofing Analysis.

The following questions must be answered in order for us to properly service your request for a Roofing Analysis. You will have the opportunity to choose the answer to these questions during checkout.

1. In what manner do you wish to receive your Roofing Analysis?

  • Email (Standard)
  • Printed Form (Panel Layout drawings printed on 24″ x 36″ paper.(Added charges of $30.00 applicable)
  • CD-ROM ($10.00)
  • Add Overnight/Rush Delivery (Added Charges of $30.00 applicable)

2. What format do you wish the CD of your Roofing Analysis to be in?

  • AutoCad (.dwg file)
  • Adobe pdf

3. How are you sending your plans/sketches?

  • Fax
  • Mail
  • E-Mail

If we determine there is something unclear about what you have sent to us, we will attempt to contact you via the contact information you provide us (email, phone, or mail).

This is what you will receive upon ordering

Your Roofing Analysis Includes:

  • The Cut List – This is a summary of all the materials you’ll need for your project.  It includes the number of panels (every length needed), trim and their respective quantities right down to the number of fasteners
  • Panel Layout Diagram – Know exactly where each panel goes on the roof. Numbered diagram helps you determine which panel goes where when taking them out of the bundles upon delivery.
  • 3-D Roof Diagram – A great three dimensional view of your roof
  • Roofing Quote – Every item you’ll need is listed out along with the quantities and prices…right down to the trim pieces and screws.

Panel Layout Plans

Now it’s time to order!

Simply select the appropriate Roofing Analysis for your job:

The Roofing Analysis is designed for do-it-yourself homeowners and small contractors that plan to use our roofing materials. *When you purchase your roofing materials the cost of this analysis will be credited toward your metal roofing order.

  • Option 1) For roof sizes 5,000 square feet and under: $24.95
  • Option 2) For roof sizes 5,000 to 10,000 square feet: $39.95
  • Option 3) For roof sizes over 10,000 square feet: $69.95

To order your analysis – please give us a call so we can go over the details.

Toll Free: 877-833-3237  ext. 103
Local: 480-768-1618  ext. 103