Metal Roofing Source Customer Testimonials


You were right about me being able to do my own roof. It was actually pretty easy. Thanks for the great service!

By the way, did you know I got a quote from a contractor for nearly $15000 and by working with Absolute Steel I got everything done for right at $7800 – that’s incredible! I have the nicest roof in the whole neighborhood as you can see in the picture!

Thanks! Here’s a couple of pictures of my handiwork.

Lonnie Casson
Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Absolute Steel:

You guys are the best!

After having a garage built at my summer home that had an evergreen metal roof I just thought it would be great to match my home with the same roof but the prices I got were outrageous! So I had the good sense to go to the Internet where I found you guys.

The place looks great as you can see from the pictures. Everything fit right and what few questions I had were answered quickly and professionally.

I’m very grateful – you saved me almost 45% over the lowest bid I got and you were right: it was pretty darn easy!

Thanks again!

Bob N.
Heber, Arizona

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Thought you might like to see the roof now that’s it’s all completed. It looks great! This is the first fix-up I’ve ever put a metal roof on but the look is so darn good, you can bet I’ll call you on the next one! Take care and thanks for all your help.

Ira R.
Mayer, Az

Hi Kevin,

Just a short note to let you know that I received my roofing analysis and its everything you guys cracked it up to be!

This report really levels the playing field—I know exactly what I need to know about costs etc. for the re-roofing job I’m considering.

As long as you are within 10% of the other pricing I receive, I’ll probably order my roofing from Absolute just because I know you know what you’re doing.

Talk to you soon!
Bill T.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Hi Jennifer,

Just wanted you to know that my roof has been installed for about 2 months now and I love it!  It was very easy to put on and it looks great.  I ‘m painting the doors and window trim to match.  I really appreciate all your help.  The delivery went smoothly (even though I didn’t get to see the crane lift the bundles over the trees!).  I had a little left over so I’m using it on a shed and over the Jacuzzi.  I have raved about  the metal roof to everyone and one guy wants to install one.  I can’t say enough about your company.

Thanks again!
Merry Aber

I am impressed with your detail. This is exactly what I was wanting from you, you even specified the screws. I will order all of it from you…all I need to do is specify the color. Can you deliver everything by April 1?

Color – Light Stone (buff) for the PBR and Dark Brown for the edgings. If it is too much of a problem then you can make everything light store (buff).

Thank you very much.

Ryan Wilt / R.L.A
Vollmer Inc

The above was in reply to some information we sent him. Ryan sent us a sketch of his roofing project. He requested a quote for everything he would need, including delivery fee. He also had specific questions on how he would transition from asphalt shingle to metal roofing, which we answered for him.We were able to answer his questions and provide his quote the same day. And we had no trouble satisfying his tight materials deadline. That’s our job!

To: Galen
Absolute Steel Metal Roofing
From: George P.
Re: Roofing Analysis

I want to thank you for providing such a fine product as your Roofing Analysis. It really laid everything out for me!


Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be using one of the installers for metal roofing that you gave me.  Pricing on the two you furnished were quite a bit lower than the one I found so you guys are doing a good job. I’m looking forward to getting my materials and thanks again for all your help.

Bob Hamilton
South Hampton, Massachusetts

Hi Guys,

Just want you to know how pleased we are with your product and service. My husband was very reluctant to order roofing materials online. After speaking with your company he was won over because of the professional and knowledgeable staff. He received the roofing material as promised. He installed the roof and could not be happier. He tells everyone about your company and how terrific it is.

Thank you for quality service and products.

Mrs R. Dejulio
Newtown, CT